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Using CSS to control the mouse style transformation

Home on the mouse is not only the arrow and the small hands of two way? If the mouse is moved to "help" when the words, the shape becomes a question mark for help; mouse over may take a long time to wait for a hyperlink, the mouse shape into a wait on that nice to look like ... ... ah!

In fact, with our css, some very simple code to achieve it all!

Do not believe? Mouse over the text on the following demo to see results now!

Demo: Hand


Demo: hand

Demo: Mobile


Demo: Mobile

Demo: Wait


wait state

Demo: Positioning instructions


Demo: Positioning instructions

Demo: Help


Demo: Help

Is not a simple and convenient? Here we only use the CSS in the "cursor" attribute, use "style = cursor: value" form of this statement were to set a specific value on it. For example: a value of "hand", when the mouse over the corresponding text or picture, they will become a hyperlink to a small hand; value "move", when the mouse over the corresponding text or picture when becomes vertical and horizontal direction of the arrow with the shape, and so on. This trick may help you make home a bit of time busy too!

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When the doctor came to their computers for health

What kind of virus attack hackers? Hard to say, because they attack the diversity of situations. But if your computer has the following performance, it is likely that the virus had infected hackers.

Sometimes the computer freezes, sometimes restarts; what action in the absence of the time, but in hard disk read and write; system inexplicably search on the floppy drive; not running a big program, but the speed of the system slower and slower, Right to open My Computer銆? see 銆怭roperties銆?鈫?銆怭roperties銆?in 銆恠ystem resources銆?normal generally above 90%; with CTRL + ALT + DEL bring up task list and found that more than name the same program running and may increase over time increased. Especially in the network or local area network connected to the Internet, if your machine has these phenomena, we should be careful, of course, there may be some other viruses are at play.

When the removal of these viruses is best to use the latest "pesticide" in case of failure in a long time. If you do not have a antivirus software, but they do have something wrong place, whether the virus, also need to determine your experience! Here are some experiences:

1 view c: autoexec.bat and c: config.sys, these two files needed for some system drivers. What is strange to see whether or not to join the driver, if the object of suspicion in his adding "REM", restored to "REM" to remove on it.

2 look at the Windows directory under the WIN.INI file, first few lines:


load =
ren =

Here is the start up automatically after Windows programs, such as Chinese Star here. Hacker virus note.exe could be here, if in doubt the object in front of it with ";" recovery will be ";" remove on it.

3 See the SYSTEM.INI file under Windows directory in the these lines:


device =

Here is generally placed on the system itself and external drivers. Plus the driver usually use the full path,

Such as:

device = c: abcd1234.386

Similarly, if the object of suspicion in adding ";" recovery will be ";" removed.

4 View Start menu program銆?銆愨啋銆?銆恠tart.

Here let's also start automatically after Windows program, if the object of suspicion in
C: WindowsStart MenuPrograms start will be deleted, the recovery from the "Recycle Bin" to resume.

5 in Windows, see the registry. Start the 銆愩? 鈫?銆怬peration銆?in the implementation of the "regedit".

Be sure to start revising before the backup. Look in the registry.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunServices and Run in the implementation of what the famous "back orifice" virus here.

6 Windows of the implementation of the file. Exe,. Com,. Dll, .386 ... ... they are likely to be carriers of viruses or hackers. In the system to normal, the best to do a backup of the above documents, be prepared for it!

7 in the Windows directory to see whether a file named Winstart.bat. The Autoexec.bat file is also similar to an automatic and batch files, but it can only work for the Windows and not for DOS use. Look at what you do not know whether one driver. General This automatic batch file will not be used. If you suspect that it can back up a copy
And then delete it, then restart your computer.


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Interview with B & Q (China) Vice President, Human Resources Director Miss Hu Weiyan

Reporter: B & Q has a credo: "high-level management and well-trained staff to give customers 100% satisfaction," NA me is how B & Q staff training, so that B & Q are the same for each employee trained ?

Hu Wei Yan: B & Q than the internal training system, according to various posts with the corresponding required course, to store on the training, for example, the organizational structure of the B & Q store and deputy manager, department managers and general employees, and the company on each level of the employees have coverage. General staff training focused on three main areas: product knowledge (Product Knowledge), Customer Service (Service Skill), there is a sales technique that is (SalesSkill). In addition, new employees are the company standard of induction training. Manager and the director and deputy manager needs some leadership (Leadership), data analysis, business development, performance improvement and other training, such as how he managed to motivate employees (Motivation), how to develop their potential and so on. In addition, the company has three levels of training future managers, internal employees to encourage their development, and company growth. Employees can develop their own career interest to apply, through the company transparent, just and fair channels, get managers the necessary training, successfully passed all the training, once the company has the appropriate job vacancies, will be promoted.
Reporter: B & Q is now recruiting from the campus of the University of fresh students for management trainee, and also has extensive management experience in the recruitment of some people who join, the present in terms of their performance now, which means you have more satisfaction?
Hu Wei Yan: It is too early to say this, B & Q recruitment of university graduates as management trainees, 2002 is the first, is the second year, B & Q is now in rapid development period, the new company plans next year to open nine stores, if each store's management about the terms of 20, opened nine stores will need about 180, not including other support departmental managers. These vacancies, we are filled primarily by three ways: First, the effective promotion within the company, is through a transparent and fair evaluation system, promote a management capacity of staff to play; second is from outside the company to recruit a number of practical experience, and in accordance with B & Q the management of corporate culture required to play; Third B & Q looking to the future that he has the potential to train a lot of management trainees to meet the rapidly growing business needs.
Note: B & Q has developed rapidly in China, from 200 employees in 1999 to the present rapid growth of 5,000 employees, NA me how B & Q's human resources department to operate efficiently: from staff recruitment to training to enable them play fighting in the short term?
Hu Wei Yan: I am, frankly, this experience really hard, as a rapidly developing company, talent selection, promotion and training of human resources and training centers so very busy. How to improve operational efficiency, a very important experience is to strengthen communication between departments, unified management of operational processes and strengthen the process. Open a new store, for example, to communicate with the various departments to coordinate the formulation of the new recruits? "369" principle, that is, three months ahead of general staff induction, deputy manager, department managers and key staff positions report six months ahead of schedule, the manager must give nine months of hillock, to corporate culture, departmental operating procedures, training and personal experience to combat the process of a shop. Human Resources in accordance with the Zhe Ge Shi Jianbiao pushed down, check the recruitment Jin Cheng Mei Zhou, Tong Shi Zhiliang standards to ensure staff - Xuan on Ren, the Baokuo two Cengmian mean, Yishijubei Gai the required abilities and skills second, Fuge and B & Q corporate identity and cultural requirements. Upon arrival staff, training center and front-line operations to ensure the implementation of classroom and on-the-job training for staff to meet requirements related posts. We believe that competent and excellent store managers to create and run a good working atmosphere, so that employees can happily work in B & Q and make them work, dedication, and through staff so that more customers to spend more in store money, spent good money on our products and services have a good reputation. Also within B & Q have a "grass-roots meetings," the calendar, marked the stores, regional Office, the headquarters of various departments held a "grass-roots meeting" of the time, any employee can be made at the meeting and work-related issues and suggested that senior leaders regularly to the meeting, listen carefully, engage in dialogue, are, together with deputy manager to store human resources manager, after the meeting to formulate solutions to the problems seriously, timeline to implement, its reference to the problem is beyond the Deputy manager of the provisions of authority, it must be fast to the company on a layer of management responses and implementation of the program and supervise the implementation, and the next time? "Grassroots conference" to resolve the situation informed questions.
Note: as 3M Company, Marine Corps and other agencies rely on training staff pride, Mary Kay and other means to increase through the celebration of employee satisfaction, NA me B & Q by what means to improve employee satisfaction it?
Hu Wei Yan: B & Q will not only improve employee satisfaction, and further increase employee engagement. B & Q is now the main point of co-operation with Gallup - Q12, B & Q staff through the survey that they collect, aggregate, data processing, the first line to help business managers to make a comprehensive plan of action for improving the work, gradually increase the dedicated staff rate. Gallup in September this year, the company collected nearly 1000 staff survey were, in different countries and different sectors of large amounts of data analysis and comparison, the company found that B & Q China, a relatively low score of the first two are: time to celebrate success and work The device, which shows that our line managers to encourage employees to give enough time, staff work the required documents, materials, equipment, distribution is not reasonable. Through this analysis, of crucial importance for the next part of that business units to develop specific improvement projects / measures and timetable to implement, improve the speed of each business unit manager who will Lieru related to one of the assessment indicators.
Reporter: B & Q's stores located throughout China, which will obviously result in the headquarters and branch, regional communication barriers, but also increased the difficulty of management, B & Q by Shen Yao-like methods to solve this problem? Hu Wei Yan: Yes, it is a challenge to management, I believe the development of enterprises of all is a challenge. In this regard, we spent a lot of time to explore, and is further perfected. Personally, I think: First of all, a clear division of the headquarters / regional office / store of the respective functions and powers; second, standardized company-wide communication channels include a variety of reporting systems and formats; Third, strengthen the construction of commercial data processing systems; Fourth, the unified standard crisis management procedures, etc.; Fifth, promote all the company's team spirit, sharing resources and best actual case / experience.
Reporter: You had the Chinese hotel industry, IT industry in the United States, in Europe's retail enterprises such different industries and different national contexts of the company worked these companies in human resources management should vary greatly, you are how to overcome these differences?
Hu Wei Yan: I is a relatively stable person, when I go to foreign hotel is six and a half thousand, simply did not thinking about jumping. At that time, five or six people to apply for a job competition, it is admitted, I have cherished the opportunity to study hard, at this stage, the basic is learning and absorbing, it laid for future development of good basis. Later, due to an accidental factors, I switched to an American IT enterprises (high-speed development period), personal feel quite friendly corporate culture and respect for the individual, along with a very comprehensive training system, so it feels great personal development space . As a result, hard working and hard work to continuously improve their professional knowledge and skills, and work to show their talent as much as possible, really hard work pays off, another six and a half later, his grown step by step up. B & Q came to me for the first executive search services, frankly speaking, I am biased, that British companies are too conservative and hierarchical, not for me, but the actual contact with headhunters and B & Q, I found, is not the case, In fact, Britain's B & Q corporate culture, or with my previous company, a service very similar to the U.S., I wonder if it is a coincidence? !
Different between the company's human resource management issues, I always think that should apply the dialectical point of view of dichotomy; which enterprises random system which has its two sides, the so-called positive and negative nature, the key is to see whether you have a positive heart of a (positive thinking), such as when facing a very difficult, if the degree of the face with a positive mind, you imagine yourself there will be a good opportunity to take up the challenge, and can test their the ability to be exceeded; if faced with a negative attitude, you may be back fear, unwilling to try. But had to admit: or should that different industries, different countries or different management style is quite big, such as the retail industry and IT industry is the relative quality of staff required, skills varied widely, the company developed a series of human resource management regulations is quite different and oriented. This depends on the individual business and debugging of familiarity (self-learning ability constant).
Reporter: In the human resources industry successful people like you, there are some new people just entering the industry, and to them that you have some kind of proposal Shi Yao?
Hu Wei Yan: I have three suggestions for reference. First of all, to change the concept, human resources department is not a power but a service support department, good service for your customers that all employees within the company, is one of your main goals; second, familiar / operational capacity and human resources to understand professional skills to simultaneously, which will help you to better service to your customers (business managers and front-line employees) and to establish good personal relations / reputation; Finally, failing to decision-making, there must be forward-looking. Matter-the ability to solve problems, while very important, but if a deeper, higher-level plans to make pre-and post solutions to prevent in the future, will help the company's decision-making faster, better, more efficient operations .

Miss Hu Weiyan Description:

Rutgers State University of New Jersey, United States, MBA, has 16 years of well-known foreign human resources management experience, worked in the Shanghai Yangtze Hotel, Motorola (China) Electronics Co., Ltd., is effective in B & Q (China), experienced the company's growth from 600 employees to nearly 5,000 business of rapid development.

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Improvement of the current financial report

To Internet applications and e-business for the characteristics of the new economic model so that people on the accounting information content and higher requirements. The current financial report has been increasingly unable to meet the requirements of economic development, an urgent need to reform and improve.

The basic goal of accounting system users to meet the information requirements of the accounting information quality characteristics. Financial reporting accounting information as a carrier of a comprehensive expression and its basic objective is to provide decision making information useful to users of accounting information. Modern financial reporting in large enterprises to meet the accounting information disclosed in Xu Yao, in the stable Jingjiyunxing, to help investors make correct decisions Deng Fangmianfahui an important Zuoyong. In recent years, there has been a large number of in software, biotechnology, Internet and other high-tech industry high-tech enterprises, the application of the Internet and e-commerce features, creating a new economic model, while the industry is working with a large number of traditional information technology and emerging new technologies to transform their own. This constant innovation and economic form of arrival is bound to the basic environment of accounting under attack, which led people to accounting information content and has kept improving. The current financial report has been increasingly unable to meet the requirements of economic development, an urgent need to reform and improve.

Improve financial reporting principles to be followed

Leading principles of financial accounting reform. Financial reporting and the source of the information system to record, process, delivery methods and rules closely linked to, any major reform of the financial report, must consider the reform of the financial accounting system.

Table priority principle. Financial reporting reform should give priority to reform of the financial statements, our financial statements more consideration of authenticity and reliability of financial statements, but their usefulness and relevance of considering less.

Principle to meet the demand. Financial report should satisfy the relevant interest groups as much as possible the information needs, use of standard methods and empirical on the Combination of Fangfa the information of the user's demands and to establish viable financial reporting framework system.

Cost-effective. Financial reporting refers to the cost report to improve or expand the quality or quantity of information disclosure, the paid labor costs and various unfavorable factors that may occur. People in determining the content of financial reporting, disclosure and disclosure of frequency issues, cost and benefit factors should be measured and judged.

Expand the information content of financial reports

Not reflect the current financial report the value of intangible assets and goodwill, not reflected in human capital, thereby underestimating the total assets. Under the current accounting system, investment in human expenditure, no matter what amount, should be as current expenses, which makes human assets are substantially undervalued at a cost greatly. This is also the current financial reporting more and more criticism by one of the main. Address the human resources information disclosure, we should thoroughly study the human resources theory and method of measurement, and to further explore the confirmation of human capital.

Non-financial information disclosure. Non-financial information disclosure can help information users a more comprehensive understanding of enterprise business ideas, make up the shortage of financial data. Include non-financial enterprises are facing the background information, business performance, business opportunities and risks facing the enterprise personnel recruiting, training, organization and development, business related-party transactions, corporate substantial shareholders, investors and corporate managers on financial data analysis report and other information.

Information on the company's disclosure of future projections. In theory, the preparation of a complete financial report is the ideal forecast disclosure forms, but the preparation of financial reports of such forecasts is technically more difficult. Therefore, the disclosure of the value of enterprise future trend information, should be as detailed as possible disclosure of balance sheet and forecast the future value of some related business information such as business investment, market share, enterprise development prospects, profitability forecasts, management vision , opportunities and risks facing businesses and business innovation ability of information, users of financial reports for the forecast trend in the future value of companies providing useful information services. And, should also pay attention to the derivative financial instruments arising from the slope of return and risk information disclosure, thereby enhancing the users of financial reports for investment and credit decisions are correct.

Improve the timeliness of the preparation of real-time reporting

Current knowledge of product life cycles, business activity will not increasingly significant uncertainty alone accounting Baogao previous regular prepared statement can not be good De Manzu users of the need, and therefore must subsequently a Tigong timely information of Cai Wu reporting system. On the one hand, regular reports will continue to exist as a basis for allocation of financial results; other hand, the use of modern information technology to provide real-time. With the development of electronic commerce, accounting treatment of a variety of data required for more and more directly in electronic form, exists in the network and computers, accounting information system as an open system. As the account data into complex operations of financial reporting data, the process has been incorporated into the computer as a calculating procedure, the accounting staff handling accounts for a complete computer will automatically generate reports, so has the possibility of producing real-time reports.

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Star Speed: gentleman or "rogue"

China Telecom to spend developing a "Speed Star" The broadband and narrowband users for the desktop client software, also free onsite installation, training, use, service with a smile, his best "gentleman." However, the software been more and more users as "background rogue" Some people even pointed out that
"Speed Star" is relatively common in some provinces, 50% of the users MAC address (Media Access Control, MAC, the address is to identify the local area network node identity) are bound by the software, allowing users to have to worry about their own privacy may be leaked.

"Speed Star" is the unity of China Telecom's Internet business brand, "megaupload" under the sub-brand, the main function is to provide broadband in the Windows environment and narrowband dial-up function, while the client provides a wealth of value-added services. But will also bundle the user's MAC address, the embedded browser will display the marketing image of China Telecom, dial-up after the success of the carousel page ad, and, more plug-ins can be installed on the user client background.

"Speed Star" provides a convenient dial-up service, but users had to be in the enjoyment of the service consumer of its own accessories, which undoubtedly is a one-sided service. China Telecom ChinaVnet site, on the "Speed Star" is mentioned in the introduction, the software interface includes an advertising display area for advertising, push services from China Telecom's experience and system messages.

China Telecom, the user may not know is not offensive, but try to take warm boiled frog response. China Telecom's internal report on the "Speed Star" marketing experience in these words: "to minimize the use of 'Star Speed' software to users push the frequency of advertising, mainly to allow users to create resentment and renounce the use of 'Star Speed'. the stability of user groups, then gradually increase the advertising push. "

This phenomenon is the basis of China Telecom from a traditional network operators to change the modern integrated information service provider in the process of representation. "Megaupload" China Telecom is currently the most important value-added services, in order to have client resources, use of client software after all, a good way to dominate the market. But consumer psychology shows that customers choose a service, usually based on the content of its services and the actual value of comprehensive evaluation, mandatory use of client rights violations users only way a return in the short term, but I am afraid the final lost user.

Operators can not deviate from the customer-oriented service aids to navigation, an integrated information service provider to the process of transformation, but also firmly establish the concept of user-centric. Everyone likes a gentleman, do rogue, it will only all "fear and distance," the.

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The world to those who have access

UF Power DBTEL mobile phone network distribution
China's steady economic growth and accession to the WTO brings opportunities for the development of expectations, so many industries in China become the world's most potential markets, the mobile phone market is one of the most representative of the industry. China today, even in the most remote areas you can see the ubiquitous cell phone advertising, mobile supermarkets, mobile phone chain, has brought overwhelming market maker competition, N different models, N different functions of mobile phones, The daily price range will have a 0.3% change in the market, consumers already confused, but as mobile phone sales company, this confusion will be even greater, because the complexity of many mobile phone product code, to bear the rapidly changing market prices and customer demand to deal with the resulting inventory to market, how best to adjust the rapid feedback strategy is undoubtedly the mobile phone dealers matter of survival. Recently, China Unicom's CDMA mobile communication network GPRS and fully open soon, a new round of competition had begun.
In 2002, Guangdong Pacific Group, Eagle Thai digital, Shanghai DBTEL so gradually start UFIDA ERP-network distribution system, from the transfer of customer orders, customer demand information, inventory management and allocation of the nervous system - channel network to start to build networks management of e-commerce system. And here will be great tyrants Group Shanghai Company, for example, describes a typical mobile phone distribution business solutions, learning from them.
DBTEL Group - was established in Taipei in 1979, with world-class communication terminal products manufacturing and R & D capabilities, and world-renowned manufacturer of communications a strategic alliance, the world's leading communications company for the production of mobile phones, wireless phones, fax machines and many other kind of terminal communications equipment, Taiwan's major corporate headquarters Pa is the world's largest mobile phone production base, an annual output of 8 million mobile phone units, the future annual production capacity will increase to 15 million units. Mainland mobile phone market, look to the great tyrants deep, with subsidiaries in Shanghai and in the establishment of a nationwide mobile distribution network, launched the own "DBTEL" brand mobile phones, big tyrant from the backstage, from production to the development of integrated production distribution type businesses, products and agents spread across the country selling their own products, good technology good product good resources, need a good management and management platform, to achieve great tyrant ambitious marketing goals and brand position. The establishment of extensive and effective distribution channels covering the core network is how the efficient distribution of real-time management -
Multi-pulse structure
Group Headquarters: Production Department (according to organize production and production planning), marketing (product marketing, pricing strategy formulation, etc.), sales (business management , sales planning, branch management, customer records management and credibility validation, etc.), Finance (financial settlement, the cost of the branch management);
Provincial branch: more than 20 management office business, including sales operations, while managing the resident's retail outlets (supply, invoicing, receivables, etc.). With the Group's Finance Department for financial settlement, charges by way of revenue and expenditure, unified management by the Group Finance Department.
Ground-level office: responsible for management of local retail outlets, is the agency of the provincial branches, nearly 300 non-independent accounting, the expense of the unified management of the Group Finance Department.
Warehouse: future plans to establish branches and offices in their warehouse inventory. Currently, only the branches and offices responsible for receiving orders shipped directly from the headquarters.
Big Pa: network distribution, we are looking to local companies
The highly competitive electronic communications industry, leading technology and innovation is important, and the establishment of extensive distribution network to seek the highest market share, to be unified and efficient channel management to enhance the competitiveness of order, a set of electronic information systems platform is essential. Real comprehensive market information, market and consumer demand to meet the most basic core, which involves all aspects of enterprise sales process.
Taiwanese background, big gangsters, in the process of building attached great importance to the development of enterprise information construction, at present, the direct introduction of the Shanghai Grand Pa Pa parent company, Taiwan's largest set of information systems, including the SSA part of the ERP system, developed in LOTUS office automation systems, factory automation systems, production management system (PDM), product development and management system CLEARCASE so, the operation of a cross, between two systems of data flow. In this basis, the face of competition from the company production management to sales management's focus shifted, the company decided on the distribution, inventory and other core competitiveness of enterprises associated with the sale of links to start building a comprehensive information management, that is to build a full new network distribution management system.
Construction of synchronous technology network in the Internet distribution systems, and management of the swing of foreign firms, domestic management software vendors in the technology latecomers obvious advantages, most domestic manufacturers can not be replaced on the domestic distribution network construction and management is more familiar with the large Pa Consulting Chen Yong, head of Health admitted: The hegemony of the information system in general more mature, you can copy from the headquarters, but the network distribution of software products, we have the technology and applications more promising advantages service in time with the local power management software companies, software companies such as UF, UF they provide ERP-network distribution management software, network technology, ASP mode, multi-industry application experience, is more suitable for operating in China business, selling products. This is hegemony at home and abroad a large selection of the many vendors and eventually selected distribution management software system UF important reason.
DBTEL network distribution solution analysis
1, the system target:
Improve the speed of market reaction (eg, timely price adjustments)?
Efficient and accurate regulation of the national inventory, and reduce overall inventory?
? Improve logistics and cash flow of the flow rate
Centralized management, cost management to prevent the sale of out of control?
The most convenient and timely inquiry, and provides an accurate basis for decision making?
2, the system application
Big Pa's organizational structure is rather special, the provincial branch is relatively independent of the body, with headquarters in the business aspects of a purchase - clearing relationship to the local tax authorities need to provide complete financial statements; Tong Shi, the provincial branch Youshi sent to the headquarters of one of, the financial cost is not independent of the need to headquarters strict budgeting and control 瀹炴椂 approval and reimbursement, so Zaidui Yu provincial branch is concerned, with a Duixiang 鎵紨 the different roles Treatment needs to be done separately.
Taking into account the actual situation of the dam, UF provides a standard network for large distributors Pa system platform based on the development of a small amount of customization, using the standard distribution platform for the different modules according to a combination of structures on the actual situation of hegemony, go through a small customers of development, eventually forming large Pa Group Distribution Management System. ERP-network distribution platform consists of business processing systems (static data) query analysis system and platform management system 3 components, including a series of standard modules and components. In which business processing systems (including clients) to handle all types of business documents, dynamic real-time data query and analysis, and allows multiple business processing systems run in parallel; Query and Analysis System to receive regular business processing systems to report all types of static off the table, to achieve efficient query and analysis of various trends; platform management system for the entire application software platform, system-level management.
Business documents (such as orders, a library / invoice cost of documentation, etc.) directly in the business processing systems for paperless processing, business people through business processing system to achieve remote collaborative business operation, business leaders through business documents Enquiries about progress in real-time operational status, to achieve business process control objectives.

DBTEL Network Effect Evaluation of Distribution Management System
Starting from February 2002, consumers can see a lot of great tyrants "DBTEL" (DBTEL) mobile advertising and promotion, "DBTEL" brand image gained ground, see the hype and look at but it will not felt that great tyrant "DBTEL" all-pervasive mobile phone distribution network, so it may make products in the most convenient way to submit to the hands of consumers. And extensive distribution network construction and management needs, UFIDA ERP-network distribution for large unobstructed Pa laid the efficient distribution network, electronic, centralized management of the foundation, from a few key points, Watch phones manufacturers the crux of distribution chain management.
Watch Target: response to changing market demands
The biggest change is the mobile phone market, product manufacturers, market and customer demand changes that complement each other, contributed to the rapidly changing mobile phone market, product style, price levels, and new technology-driven product features, and all this stems from distribution networks focused response to customer needs. Customers determine the existence of a cell phone in the market, the time, there is a price, even the speed of falling prices. Respond to changing market prices and supply and demand, to a certain extent, on the mobile phone distribution company is a matter of life and death. So UFIDA ERP-network distribution system provides the network foundation and ASP applications, will be distributed among the various points of sales distribution network in real-time data transmitted to the data system input and processing center, product sales, order processing, inventory adjustments Gezhong conditions can all be clear in the data center. The most timely information to grasp and respond to treatment, can help mobile phone distributors bring the maximum to avoid the risk of fluctuations in market demand.
Watch the second goal: to deploy a reasonable stock structure
Any mobile distribution points will be as much as possible to avoid the accumulation of mobile phones, because the volatility of the phone who frankly does not bear the price risk, therefore, reasonable inventory levels and inventory product mix is very important, not only to sales of protection products to meet the best-selling avoid out of stock losses, but also to reduce the backlog of unmarketable products to avoid loss of money and time. Network distribution system provides real-time inventory management, large hegemony through the system can check and take inventories of the product, the overall management of the supply and distribution organizations to deploy mobile phones, and feedback to the procurement and production processes, amendments to the procurement and production planning, the right to meet market demand.
Watch three goals: efficient interaction management focus
Network distribution system constructed according to corporate-level group management, operations management, customer management three-side, through the whole network of technology base and ASP application mode, to achieve long-range transmission and processing of remote commerce, support for mobile office, break time and space constraints, timely and accurate information to protect business data; system specifications of the distribution network operations and headquarters of top-down bottom-up interactive information exchange and management, across different stages of development to enhance regional unified management, which greatly enhance the overall Big Pa business processes and work efficiency; fully efficient decision-making first-hand information provided leadership as accurate and timely management decisions based on the distribution of remote multi-level institutions to ensure smooth logistics DBTEL mobile phones, while the network distribution system greatly reduce the flow of information barriers. Interact to achieve efficient centralized management.
Overall, the implementation of the network distribution system to help large groups to achieve hegemony in the nationwide logistics, capital flow, information flow for unified management, to sales and logistics, production closely linked to the Group for the distant business offices thousands of miles away understanding will not remain on the surface and improve the enterprise business process efficiency, reduce the Xiaoshou cost, funds, stock turnover 閫熷害 greatly accelerated, thereby circumventing capital 椋庨櫓, improve overall business competitive enterprises . DBTEL is in the planning, distribution system will be extended to future students CRM system from a distribution network to the client's direct management is closer to the market and end-customers, which will become more intense, more and more extensive range of global competitive market for electronic communications, integrated information systems to enhance core competitiveness of enterprises mentioned the importance of self-evident.


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Monday, July 12, 2010

Production in Interior Design with 3dmax4.0

This tutorial will be the living room through a high-level understanding of Interior Design to create an instance of making the whole process of learning through this tutorial, you can master the Interior Design production processes, methods, textures, lighting environment.

Specific steps:

(A) Ceiling molding production
(B) Production of wall molding
(C) Production of glass doors and windows
(D) make the ground
(E) to modify the corner
(F) Production of curtains
(7) Make a wall
(8) Production sofa style
(9) to create cameras and lighting
(10) to the room to give material (1)
(11) to the room to give material (2)
(12) to the room to give material (c)

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