Friday, October 15, 2010

When the doctor came to their computers for health

What kind of virus attack hackers? Hard to say, because they attack the diversity of situations. But if your computer has the following performance, it is likely that the virus had infected hackers.

Sometimes the computer freezes, sometimes restarts; what action in the absence of the time, but in hard disk read and write; system inexplicably search on the floppy drive; not running a big program, but the speed of the system slower and slower, Right to open My Computer銆? see 銆怭roperties銆?鈫?銆怭roperties銆?in 銆恠ystem resources銆?normal generally above 90%; with CTRL + ALT + DEL bring up task list and found that more than name the same program running and may increase over time increased. Especially in the network or local area network connected to the Internet, if your machine has these phenomena, we should be careful, of course, there may be some other viruses are at play.

When the removal of these viruses is best to use the latest "pesticide" in case of failure in a long time. If you do not have a antivirus software, but they do have something wrong place, whether the virus, also need to determine your experience! Here are some experiences:

1 view c: autoexec.bat and c: config.sys, these two files needed for some system drivers. What is strange to see whether or not to join the driver, if the object of suspicion in his adding "REM", restored to "REM" to remove on it.

2 look at the Windows directory under the WIN.INI file, first few lines:


load =
ren =

Here is the start up automatically after Windows programs, such as Chinese Star here. Hacker virus note.exe could be here, if in doubt the object in front of it with ";" recovery will be ";" remove on it.

3 See the SYSTEM.INI file under Windows directory in the these lines:


device =

Here is generally placed on the system itself and external drivers. Plus the driver usually use the full path,

Such as:

device = c: abcd1234.386

Similarly, if the object of suspicion in adding ";" recovery will be ";" removed.

4 View Start menu program銆?銆愨啋銆?銆恠tart.

Here let's also start automatically after Windows program, if the object of suspicion in
C: WindowsStart MenuPrograms start will be deleted, the recovery from the "Recycle Bin" to resume.

5 in Windows, see the registry. Start the 銆愩? 鈫?銆怬peration銆?in the implementation of the "regedit".

Be sure to start revising before the backup. Look in the registry.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunServices and Run in the implementation of what the famous "back orifice" virus here.

6 Windows of the implementation of the file. Exe,. Com,. Dll, .386 ... ... they are likely to be carriers of viruses or hackers. In the system to normal, the best to do a backup of the above documents, be prepared for it!

7 in the Windows directory to see whether a file named Winstart.bat. The Autoexec.bat file is also similar to an automatic and batch files, but it can only work for the Windows and not for DOS use. Look at what you do not know whether one driver. General This automatic batch file will not be used. If you suspect that it can back up a copy
And then delete it, then restart your computer.


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