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UF Power DBTEL mobile phone network distribution
China's steady economic growth and accession to the WTO brings opportunities for the development of expectations, so many industries in China become the world's most potential markets, the mobile phone market is one of the most representative of the industry. China today, even in the most remote areas you can see the ubiquitous cell phone advertising, mobile supermarkets, mobile phone chain, has brought overwhelming market maker competition, N different models, N different functions of mobile phones, The daily price range will have a 0.3% change in the market, consumers already confused, but as mobile phone sales company, this confusion will be even greater, because the complexity of many mobile phone product code, to bear the rapidly changing market prices and customer demand to deal with the resulting inventory to market, how best to adjust the rapid feedback strategy is undoubtedly the mobile phone dealers matter of survival. Recently, China Unicom's CDMA mobile communication network GPRS and fully open soon, a new round of competition had begun.
In 2002, Guangdong Pacific Group, Eagle Thai digital, Shanghai DBTEL so gradually start UFIDA ERP-network distribution system, from the transfer of customer orders, customer demand information, inventory management and allocation of the nervous system - channel network to start to build networks management of e-commerce system. And here will be great tyrants Group Shanghai Company, for example, describes a typical mobile phone distribution business solutions, learning from them.
DBTEL Group - was established in Taipei in 1979, with world-class communication terminal products manufacturing and R & D capabilities, and world-renowned manufacturer of communications a strategic alliance, the world's leading communications company for the production of mobile phones, wireless phones, fax machines and many other kind of terminal communications equipment, Taiwan's major corporate headquarters Pa is the world's largest mobile phone production base, an annual output of 8 million mobile phone units, the future annual production capacity will increase to 15 million units. Mainland mobile phone market, look to the great tyrants deep, with subsidiaries in Shanghai and in the establishment of a nationwide mobile distribution network, launched the own "DBTEL" brand mobile phones, big tyrant from the backstage, from production to the development of integrated production distribution type businesses, products and agents spread across the country selling their own products, good technology good product good resources, need a good management and management platform, to achieve great tyrant ambitious marketing goals and brand position. The establishment of extensive and effective distribution channels covering the core network is how the efficient distribution of real-time management -
Multi-pulse structure
Group Headquarters: Production Department (according to organize production and production planning), marketing (product marketing, pricing strategy formulation, etc.), sales (business management , sales planning, branch management, customer records management and credibility validation, etc.), Finance (financial settlement, the cost of the branch management);
Provincial branch: more than 20 management office business, including sales operations, while managing the resident's retail outlets (supply, invoicing, receivables, etc.). With the Group's Finance Department for financial settlement, charges by way of revenue and expenditure, unified management by the Group Finance Department.
Ground-level office: responsible for management of local retail outlets, is the agency of the provincial branches, nearly 300 non-independent accounting, the expense of the unified management of the Group Finance Department.
Warehouse: future plans to establish branches and offices in their warehouse inventory. Currently, only the branches and offices responsible for receiving orders shipped directly from the headquarters.
Big Pa: network distribution, we are looking to local companies
The highly competitive electronic communications industry, leading technology and innovation is important, and the establishment of extensive distribution network to seek the highest market share, to be unified and efficient channel management to enhance the competitiveness of order, a set of electronic information systems platform is essential. Real comprehensive market information, market and consumer demand to meet the most basic core, which involves all aspects of enterprise sales process.
Taiwanese background, big gangsters, in the process of building attached great importance to the development of enterprise information construction, at present, the direct introduction of the Shanghai Grand Pa Pa parent company, Taiwan's largest set of information systems, including the SSA part of the ERP system, developed in LOTUS office automation systems, factory automation systems, production management system (PDM), product development and management system CLEARCASE so, the operation of a cross, between two systems of data flow. In this basis, the face of competition from the company production management to sales management's focus shifted, the company decided on the distribution, inventory and other core competitiveness of enterprises associated with the sale of links to start building a comprehensive information management, that is to build a full new network distribution management system.
Construction of synchronous technology network in the Internet distribution systems, and management of the swing of foreign firms, domestic management software vendors in the technology latecomers obvious advantages, most domestic manufacturers can not be replaced on the domestic distribution network construction and management is more familiar with the large Pa Consulting Chen Yong, head of Health admitted: The hegemony of the information system in general more mature, you can copy from the headquarters, but the network distribution of software products, we have the technology and applications more promising advantages service in time with the local power management software companies, software companies such as UF, UF they provide ERP-network distribution management software, network technology, ASP mode, multi-industry application experience, is more suitable for operating in China business, selling products. This is hegemony at home and abroad a large selection of the many vendors and eventually selected distribution management software system UF important reason.
DBTEL network distribution solution analysis
1, the system target:
Improve the speed of market reaction (eg, timely price adjustments)?
Efficient and accurate regulation of the national inventory, and reduce overall inventory?
? Improve logistics and cash flow of the flow rate
Centralized management, cost management to prevent the sale of out of control?
The most convenient and timely inquiry, and provides an accurate basis for decision making?
2, the system application
Big Pa's organizational structure is rather special, the provincial branch is relatively independent of the body, with headquarters in the business aspects of a purchase - clearing relationship to the local tax authorities need to provide complete financial statements; Tong Shi, the provincial branch Youshi sent to the headquarters of one of, the financial cost is not independent of the need to headquarters strict budgeting and control 瀹炴椂 approval and reimbursement, so Zaidui Yu provincial branch is concerned, with a Duixiang 鎵紨 the different roles Treatment needs to be done separately.
Taking into account the actual situation of the dam, UF provides a standard network for large distributors Pa system platform based on the development of a small amount of customization, using the standard distribution platform for the different modules according to a combination of structures on the actual situation of hegemony, go through a small customers of development, eventually forming large Pa Group Distribution Management System. ERP-network distribution platform consists of business processing systems (static data) query analysis system and platform management system 3 components, including a series of standard modules and components. In which business processing systems (including clients) to handle all types of business documents, dynamic real-time data query and analysis, and allows multiple business processing systems run in parallel; Query and Analysis System to receive regular business processing systems to report all types of static off the table, to achieve efficient query and analysis of various trends; platform management system for the entire application software platform, system-level management.
Business documents (such as orders, a library / invoice cost of documentation, etc.) directly in the business processing systems for paperless processing, business people through business processing system to achieve remote collaborative business operation, business leaders through business documents Enquiries about progress in real-time operational status, to achieve business process control objectives.

DBTEL Network Effect Evaluation of Distribution Management System
Starting from February 2002, consumers can see a lot of great tyrants "DBTEL" (DBTEL) mobile advertising and promotion, "DBTEL" brand image gained ground, see the hype and look at but it will not felt that great tyrant "DBTEL" all-pervasive mobile phone distribution network, so it may make products in the most convenient way to submit to the hands of consumers. And extensive distribution network construction and management needs, UFIDA ERP-network distribution for large unobstructed Pa laid the efficient distribution network, electronic, centralized management of the foundation, from a few key points, Watch phones manufacturers the crux of distribution chain management.
Watch Target: response to changing market demands
The biggest change is the mobile phone market, product manufacturers, market and customer demand changes that complement each other, contributed to the rapidly changing mobile phone market, product style, price levels, and new technology-driven product features, and all this stems from distribution networks focused response to customer needs. Customers determine the existence of a cell phone in the market, the time, there is a price, even the speed of falling prices. Respond to changing market prices and supply and demand, to a certain extent, on the mobile phone distribution company is a matter of life and death. So UFIDA ERP-network distribution system provides the network foundation and ASP applications, will be distributed among the various points of sales distribution network in real-time data transmitted to the data system input and processing center, product sales, order processing, inventory adjustments Gezhong conditions can all be clear in the data center. The most timely information to grasp and respond to treatment, can help mobile phone distributors bring the maximum to avoid the risk of fluctuations in market demand.
Watch the second goal: to deploy a reasonable stock structure
Any mobile distribution points will be as much as possible to avoid the accumulation of mobile phones, because the volatility of the phone who frankly does not bear the price risk, therefore, reasonable inventory levels and inventory product mix is very important, not only to sales of protection products to meet the best-selling avoid out of stock losses, but also to reduce the backlog of unmarketable products to avoid loss of money and time. Network distribution system provides real-time inventory management, large hegemony through the system can check and take inventories of the product, the overall management of the supply and distribution organizations to deploy mobile phones, and feedback to the procurement and production processes, amendments to the procurement and production planning, the right to meet market demand.
Watch three goals: efficient interaction management focus
Network distribution system constructed according to corporate-level group management, operations management, customer management three-side, through the whole network of technology base and ASP application mode, to achieve long-range transmission and processing of remote commerce, support for mobile office, break time and space constraints, timely and accurate information to protect business data; system specifications of the distribution network operations and headquarters of top-down bottom-up interactive information exchange and management, across different stages of development to enhance regional unified management, which greatly enhance the overall Big Pa business processes and work efficiency; fully efficient decision-making first-hand information provided leadership as accurate and timely management decisions based on the distribution of remote multi-level institutions to ensure smooth logistics DBTEL mobile phones, while the network distribution system greatly reduce the flow of information barriers. Interact to achieve efficient centralized management.
Overall, the implementation of the network distribution system to help large groups to achieve hegemony in the nationwide logistics, capital flow, information flow for unified management, to sales and logistics, production closely linked to the Group for the distant business offices thousands of miles away understanding will not remain on the surface and improve the enterprise business process efficiency, reduce the Xiaoshou cost, funds, stock turnover 閫熷害 greatly accelerated, thereby circumventing capital 椋庨櫓, improve overall business competitive enterprises . DBTEL is in the planning, distribution system will be extended to future students CRM system from a distribution network to the client's direct management is closer to the market and end-customers, which will become more intense, more and more extensive range of global competitive market for electronic communications, integrated information systems to enhance core competitiveness of enterprises mentioned the importance of self-evident.


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