Monday, October 11, 2010

Interview with B & Q (China) Vice President, Human Resources Director Miss Hu Weiyan

Reporter: B & Q has a credo: "high-level management and well-trained staff to give customers 100% satisfaction," NA me is how B & Q staff training, so that B & Q are the same for each employee trained ?

Hu Wei Yan: B & Q than the internal training system, according to various posts with the corresponding required course, to store on the training, for example, the organizational structure of the B & Q store and deputy manager, department managers and general employees, and the company on each level of the employees have coverage. General staff training focused on three main areas: product knowledge (Product Knowledge), Customer Service (Service Skill), there is a sales technique that is (SalesSkill). In addition, new employees are the company standard of induction training. Manager and the director and deputy manager needs some leadership (Leadership), data analysis, business development, performance improvement and other training, such as how he managed to motivate employees (Motivation), how to develop their potential and so on. In addition, the company has three levels of training future managers, internal employees to encourage their development, and company growth. Employees can develop their own career interest to apply, through the company transparent, just and fair channels, get managers the necessary training, successfully passed all the training, once the company has the appropriate job vacancies, will be promoted.
Reporter: B & Q is now recruiting from the campus of the University of fresh students for management trainee, and also has extensive management experience in the recruitment of some people who join, the present in terms of their performance now, which means you have more satisfaction?
Hu Wei Yan: It is too early to say this, B & Q recruitment of university graduates as management trainees, 2002 is the first, is the second year, B & Q is now in rapid development period, the new company plans next year to open nine stores, if each store's management about the terms of 20, opened nine stores will need about 180, not including other support departmental managers. These vacancies, we are filled primarily by three ways: First, the effective promotion within the company, is through a transparent and fair evaluation system, promote a management capacity of staff to play; second is from outside the company to recruit a number of practical experience, and in accordance with B & Q the management of corporate culture required to play; Third B & Q looking to the future that he has the potential to train a lot of management trainees to meet the rapidly growing business needs.
Note: B & Q has developed rapidly in China, from 200 employees in 1999 to the present rapid growth of 5,000 employees, NA me how B & Q's human resources department to operate efficiently: from staff recruitment to training to enable them play fighting in the short term?
Hu Wei Yan: I am, frankly, this experience really hard, as a rapidly developing company, talent selection, promotion and training of human resources and training centers so very busy. How to improve operational efficiency, a very important experience is to strengthen communication between departments, unified management of operational processes and strengthen the process. Open a new store, for example, to communicate with the various departments to coordinate the formulation of the new recruits? "369" principle, that is, three months ahead of general staff induction, deputy manager, department managers and key staff positions report six months ahead of schedule, the manager must give nine months of hillock, to corporate culture, departmental operating procedures, training and personal experience to combat the process of a shop. Human Resources in accordance with the Zhe Ge Shi Jianbiao pushed down, check the recruitment Jin Cheng Mei Zhou, Tong Shi Zhiliang standards to ensure staff - Xuan on Ren, the Baokuo two Cengmian mean, Yishijubei Gai the required abilities and skills second, Fuge and B & Q corporate identity and cultural requirements. Upon arrival staff, training center and front-line operations to ensure the implementation of classroom and on-the-job training for staff to meet requirements related posts. We believe that competent and excellent store managers to create and run a good working atmosphere, so that employees can happily work in B & Q and make them work, dedication, and through staff so that more customers to spend more in store money, spent good money on our products and services have a good reputation. Also within B & Q have a "grass-roots meetings," the calendar, marked the stores, regional Office, the headquarters of various departments held a "grass-roots meeting" of the time, any employee can be made at the meeting and work-related issues and suggested that senior leaders regularly to the meeting, listen carefully, engage in dialogue, are, together with deputy manager to store human resources manager, after the meeting to formulate solutions to the problems seriously, timeline to implement, its reference to the problem is beyond the Deputy manager of the provisions of authority, it must be fast to the company on a layer of management responses and implementation of the program and supervise the implementation, and the next time? "Grassroots conference" to resolve the situation informed questions.
Note: as 3M Company, Marine Corps and other agencies rely on training staff pride, Mary Kay and other means to increase through the celebration of employee satisfaction, NA me B & Q by what means to improve employee satisfaction it?
Hu Wei Yan: B & Q will not only improve employee satisfaction, and further increase employee engagement. B & Q is now the main point of co-operation with Gallup - Q12, B & Q staff through the survey that they collect, aggregate, data processing, the first line to help business managers to make a comprehensive plan of action for improving the work, gradually increase the dedicated staff rate. Gallup in September this year, the company collected nearly 1000 staff survey were, in different countries and different sectors of large amounts of data analysis and comparison, the company found that B & Q China, a relatively low score of the first two are: time to celebrate success and work The device, which shows that our line managers to encourage employees to give enough time, staff work the required documents, materials, equipment, distribution is not reasonable. Through this analysis, of crucial importance for the next part of that business units to develop specific improvement projects / measures and timetable to implement, improve the speed of each business unit manager who will Lieru related to one of the assessment indicators.
Reporter: B & Q's stores located throughout China, which will obviously result in the headquarters and branch, regional communication barriers, but also increased the difficulty of management, B & Q by Shen Yao-like methods to solve this problem? Hu Wei Yan: Yes, it is a challenge to management, I believe the development of enterprises of all is a challenge. In this regard, we spent a lot of time to explore, and is further perfected. Personally, I think: First of all, a clear division of the headquarters / regional office / store of the respective functions and powers; second, standardized company-wide communication channels include a variety of reporting systems and formats; Third, strengthen the construction of commercial data processing systems; Fourth, the unified standard crisis management procedures, etc.; Fifth, promote all the company's team spirit, sharing resources and best actual case / experience.
Reporter: You had the Chinese hotel industry, IT industry in the United States, in Europe's retail enterprises such different industries and different national contexts of the company worked these companies in human resources management should vary greatly, you are how to overcome these differences?
Hu Wei Yan: I is a relatively stable person, when I go to foreign hotel is six and a half thousand, simply did not thinking about jumping. At that time, five or six people to apply for a job competition, it is admitted, I have cherished the opportunity to study hard, at this stage, the basic is learning and absorbing, it laid for future development of good basis. Later, due to an accidental factors, I switched to an American IT enterprises (high-speed development period), personal feel quite friendly corporate culture and respect for the individual, along with a very comprehensive training system, so it feels great personal development space . As a result, hard working and hard work to continuously improve their professional knowledge and skills, and work to show their talent as much as possible, really hard work pays off, another six and a half later, his grown step by step up. B & Q came to me for the first executive search services, frankly speaking, I am biased, that British companies are too conservative and hierarchical, not for me, but the actual contact with headhunters and B & Q, I found, is not the case, In fact, Britain's B & Q corporate culture, or with my previous company, a service very similar to the U.S., I wonder if it is a coincidence? !
Different between the company's human resource management issues, I always think that should apply the dialectical point of view of dichotomy; which enterprises random system which has its two sides, the so-called positive and negative nature, the key is to see whether you have a positive heart of a (positive thinking), such as when facing a very difficult, if the degree of the face with a positive mind, you imagine yourself there will be a good opportunity to take up the challenge, and can test their the ability to be exceeded; if faced with a negative attitude, you may be back fear, unwilling to try. But had to admit: or should that different industries, different countries or different management style is quite big, such as the retail industry and IT industry is the relative quality of staff required, skills varied widely, the company developed a series of human resource management regulations is quite different and oriented. This depends on the individual business and debugging of familiarity (self-learning ability constant).
Reporter: In the human resources industry successful people like you, there are some new people just entering the industry, and to them that you have some kind of proposal Shi Yao?
Hu Wei Yan: I have three suggestions for reference. First of all, to change the concept, human resources department is not a power but a service support department, good service for your customers that all employees within the company, is one of your main goals; second, familiar / operational capacity and human resources to understand professional skills to simultaneously, which will help you to better service to your customers (business managers and front-line employees) and to establish good personal relations / reputation; Finally, failing to decision-making, there must be forward-looking. Matter-the ability to solve problems, while very important, but if a deeper, higher-level plans to make pre-and post solutions to prevent in the future, will help the company's decision-making faster, better, more efficient operations .

Miss Hu Weiyan Description:

Rutgers State University of New Jersey, United States, MBA, has 16 years of well-known foreign human resources management experience, worked in the Shanghai Yangtze Hotel, Motorola (China) Electronics Co., Ltd., is effective in B & Q (China), experienced the company's growth from 600 employees to nearly 5,000 business of rapid development.

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