Thursday, September 16, 2010

Star Speed: gentleman or "rogue"

China Telecom to spend developing a "Speed Star" The broadband and narrowband users for the desktop client software, also free onsite installation, training, use, service with a smile, his best "gentleman." However, the software been more and more users as "background rogue" Some people even pointed out that
"Speed Star" is relatively common in some provinces, 50% of the users MAC address (Media Access Control, MAC, the address is to identify the local area network node identity) are bound by the software, allowing users to have to worry about their own privacy may be leaked.

"Speed Star" is the unity of China Telecom's Internet business brand, "megaupload" under the sub-brand, the main function is to provide broadband in the Windows environment and narrowband dial-up function, while the client provides a wealth of value-added services. But will also bundle the user's MAC address, the embedded browser will display the marketing image of China Telecom, dial-up after the success of the carousel page ad, and, more plug-ins can be installed on the user client background.

"Speed Star" provides a convenient dial-up service, but users had to be in the enjoyment of the service consumer of its own accessories, which undoubtedly is a one-sided service. China Telecom ChinaVnet site, on the "Speed Star" is mentioned in the introduction, the software interface includes an advertising display area for advertising, push services from China Telecom's experience and system messages.

China Telecom, the user may not know is not offensive, but try to take warm boiled frog response. China Telecom's internal report on the "Speed Star" marketing experience in these words: "to minimize the use of 'Star Speed' software to users push the frequency of advertising, mainly to allow users to create resentment and renounce the use of 'Star Speed'. the stability of user groups, then gradually increase the advertising push. "

This phenomenon is the basis of China Telecom from a traditional network operators to change the modern integrated information service provider in the process of representation. "Megaupload" China Telecom is currently the most important value-added services, in order to have client resources, use of client software after all, a good way to dominate the market. But consumer psychology shows that customers choose a service, usually based on the content of its services and the actual value of comprehensive evaluation, mandatory use of client rights violations users only way a return in the short term, but I am afraid the final lost user.

Operators can not deviate from the customer-oriented service aids to navigation, an integrated information service provider to the process of transformation, but also firmly establish the concept of user-centric. Everyone likes a gentleman, do rogue, it will only all "fear and distance," the.

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